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Latest News

Joining forces - The new Limesquare company is unleashed!

Latest News

Joining forces - The new Limesquare company is unleashed!

Joining forces - The new Limesquare company is unleashed!

November 2011 became a landmark month for two blossoming vehicle rental companies, as Limesquare Vehicle Rental and the younger but equally ambitious Limesquare Vehicle Hire amalgamated to form the all new and improved Limesquare Vehicle Rental Ltd, creating a portfolio of bustling depots that includes Swindon, Milton Keynes, Grantham and Peterborough, as well as the newly unveiled Chertsey branch.

Trading since 2003, Limesquare Vehicle Rental Jr. is the older of the two merging companies, and with many years of experience has already made a huge impact on the vehicle rental industry.

The thriving depots at Swindon and Milton Keynes are attracting more clients all the time as their reputation is passed around by word of mouth, and an impressive 10% of new customers have been referred by a friend or colleague.

Limesquare Vehicle Hire covers the English midlands and northern areas with depots in Grantham and Peterborough and customers located as far away as Scotland.

Both depots are expanding and supply vehicles to a diverse group of companies, enjoying the challenge of adapting the vehicles as appropriate to best suit their customers. Limesquare Vehicle Hire was established in 2005, and although relatively young has already stamped its mark on the vehicle rental market.

These two striking companies made the decision to merge after a number of years of being in the marketplace together, and employees from both sides are excited to be part of an expanding new entity. Director of Limesquare Vehicle Hire Miriam Webb says, "What is so exciting about this merger is that for the most part the two companies cover different geographical locations within England, so there is no direct competition between us. This means that moving forward we can work alongside each other to cover a much larger customer base than before".

Limesquare Vehicle Rental Sr. was officially unveiled on the 1st November 2011 after months of amicable discussion and the amalgamation of business practices and procedures between the two merging bodies, and now proudly presents five flourishing depots to the general public.

Kathy Warriner, part of the team at the new Head Office, says, "I am proud to be involved in this new exhilarating stage of company advancement. I feel that we are on the edge of something exciting and can't wait to see what the future holds for the company."

Moving forward all depots will now be branded as Limesquare Vehicle Rental, and to mark this momentous merger they will each be making a number of special offers available to customers so that we can all share in the celebrations together.!

By Marina Wryer

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