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Corporate Hire

Corporate Hire

At Limesquare Vehicle Rental we personalise our vehicle hire options to suit each organisation's needs. Take a look at the options below with their brief descriptions. For full details, click the hire option that interests you to find out more. Each option can be fully customised, we will always work around you.

Daily Hire

Daily Hire from Limesquare

Short-term rental from Limesquare can make sense for a number of reasons. Perhaps your vehicle is being serviced, or maybe your business is experiencing extra seasonal demand.

Many situations can easily be resolved with our daily hire facilities and we are committed to supplying you with the latest vehicles at the best possible prices.

More on Daily Hire...

Contract Hire

Contract Hire from Limesquare

Limesquare is one of the few vehicle rental organisations that offers customers a contract hire option. Due to the bespoke nature of our package, it is one of the most popular choices for organisations who wish to maintain a core fleet of vehicles for the long-term.

We can offer our contract hire customers some of the best rates possible due to an agreement of commitment to a specific period of rental.

More on Contract Hire...

Flexible Hire

FlexiFleet Hire from Limesquare

Our Flexible Hire package is designed for those who wish to run the latest fleet of vehicles, but do not want to enter into a fixed long-term rental agreement.

Unlike with contract hire, the Flexible Hire scheme means you will have the ultimate freedom of hiring vehicles as and when you need them, and changing the types of vehicles you hire from us to suit your purpose, maximising the effectiveness of your fleet by having the right vehicles at the right time.

More on Flexible Hire...

Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle Leasing from Limesquare

If you have your own vehicle maintenance arrangements and you are just looking for a straight forward low cost, fixed price leasing arrangement then Limesquare can tailor a package that will fit well with your needs.

Our leasing agreements are best for periods of between TWO and FIVE years.

More on Vehicle Leasing...

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