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Latest News

The Pigeon Whisperer of Chertsey

We have all heard of the Horse Whisperer, and many of us may be familiar with the Dog Whisperer, aka Cesar Millan, but today (Friday 14th March), Chertsey found out that its staff included the Pigeon Whisperer.

Those of you unfamiliar with the Chertsey depot may not know that the building has 2 storeys, with only the ground floor currently being used as offices, the top floor lying empty - empty, that is until this afternoon when a stray pigeon managed to get inside, and was seen desperately trying to escape through a closed window.

But never fear, we had our driver Andy, who has formerly worked at the Swan Sanctuary in Egham, and he raced to the rescue. Entering the top floor, he approached the distressed bird, talking softly to calm it, then just reached out and took hold of it in his experienced hands before carrying it out of the building to release it unharmed.

It just goes to show the versatility and diversity of Limesquare's staff!

By Stephen Barnard

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