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Corporate Daily Hire

Corporate Daily Hire

We provide transport for your daily, weekend and weekly rental needs

Short-term rental from Limesquare can make sense for a number of reasons. Perhaps your vehicles are in for service, or your business is experiencing extra seasonal demand. Many situations can easily be resolved with our Daily Rental facilities. We are committed to supplying the latest vehicles at the best possible prices to all our customers. Whether you require a vehicle for a day, week or even longer, no matter how challenging the task, we are sure we can supply a vehicle that will suit your needs.

Daily Hire from Limesquare

We can offer you competitive weekly rates, saving you money! If you book any one of our fleet for a week or longer, you can enjoy fantastic savings of up to 30% off our daily rental rate. You can also enjoy even greater savings by taking advantage of one of our long term Contract Hire or Leasing options.

Trouble choosing?

You can view the most popular vehicles of the Limesquare fleet on our website to help you make the most informed choice. We all know the difficulties when there is too much choice, so if you are unsure which vehicle size would best suit your requirements, please contact your nearest branch so they can advise you.

Ready to open an account with us? Visit our Setting up an account page.

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