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Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance of your LSVR Vehicle

If you choose to hire from Limesquare on a 'With Maintenance' contract, Limesquare will take care of the routine vehicle servicing and maintenance costs of your LSVR hire vehicle(s). When your LSVR vehicle is in need of a service or general maintenance, just call your advisor at Limesquare and they will be happy to help. At LSVR, we have a nationwide coverage of vehicle servicing outlets so you will never need to travel far for your servicing, tyres or other maintenance requirements.

On-site vehicle servicing can be provided at no extra cost as part of our service to you, keeping vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum. A fully qualified mobile servicing technician will travel to you and service your Limesquare vehicle on site at your convenience.

Should your LSVR vehicle become unavailable due to a prolonged servicing requirement or as a result of emergency assistance (under normal fair wear and tear only), your company will be provided with a FREE relief vehicle until your hire vehicle is returned to you. Limesquare will always try to supply you with a suitable and similar replacement vehicle for your needs.


If your vehicle needs a replacement tyre due to normal wear, or one of your drivers wishes to have their vehicle's tyre(s) inspected, call your Limesquare advisor who can assist you with booking your vehicle into one of Limesquare's approved garages local to you.

LSVR allows for normal tyre wear ONLY. Lost or damaged tyres, such as punctures or side wall damage will be chargeable to the Customer. Your local Limesquare depot can arrange new replacement tyres if damaged, and simply re-charge them to your account. Prior to the repair or replacement of any rechargeable tyre, we will request an order number from you, if required.


The Customer is responsible for any repair to or replacement of a windscreen in a Limesquare vehicle. LSVR can arrange for this to be carried out and we will, if required, request an order number from you before repair or replacement of any rechargeable windscreen.

Emergency Assistance

In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown or mechanical fault, you have total peace of mind that you are covered FREE with your Limesquare vehicle. Just a quick call to your Limesquare advisor and they will be able to assist in resolving the situation for you. Out of Limesquare office hours, the relevant emergency number is located on the card, supplied inside the sleeve that is secured to your vehicle's windscreen.

Our Emergency Assistance Cover includes:

  • Towing to next location
  • Recovery to an appropriate approved repairer
  • A free relief vehicle if necessary

Relief vehicle provided out of hours

Both driver and LSVR vehicle will be recovered and taken to the nearest possible location where a relief vehicle can be supplied. We will make contact with your driver promptly during office hours and take the lead, reporting back to you with a verbal summary and outcome of the situation.

If a relief vehicle is required after an incident then we can arrange a vehicle through one of our rental partners across the UK (charged at rental partner rate) as soon as is possible. We will then change this vehicle over to a Limesquare vehicle and your hire charge will then revert back to your normal LSVR rate. We will work with you to ensure that any additional hire rates and loss of use charges are kept to a minimum.

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